Coast Iron Works provides custom fabrication and welding services for both commercial and residential applications, specializing in functional and decorative items that are unique in design and function. We fabricate a wide range of designs, ranging from an industrial pipe hand railing to a Tuscan staircase. We can repair and restore anything made of metal, large or small, and in the most economical fashion.

We have fully equipped service trucks to provide in field services. This includes installation of your new wrought iron pieces as well as the maintenance and repair of existing fabrications. We do it all – welding, painting, electrical, cement work – whatever is required to get the job done the right way. All of our designers, fabricators, and installers each have over a decade of experience and are quite reliable. For example, we do a complete installation for a driveway gate, including: cement footings & face brick, the gate itself, power actuation and controls. Oftentimes we use a crane to lower our structures into place, saving a lot of time and cost.

We also have complete metal finishing capabilities (both decorative and functional) for exterior or interior applications. We have been doing business here in the South Bay for a long time and have a lot of practical experience on what it takes to make something last here on the Ocean. We use a variety of finishes, depending on your preference. Including: hot-dipped galvanized ,sandblasting, polyurethane and epoxy, powder coating, acid washes and rust patinas, and custom faux painting. We have extensive experience in faux painting techniques, including gilding and patinas, to add that extra dimension to any project.

Clients are invited to visit our showroom and design center to discuss the structural, functional, and decorative aspects of their project. We have been in business since 1914 and have a lot of practical experience to apply. We know that two things are vital to producing good art or craft. One is the idea or concept, and the second is the quality of the execution of that idea. Neither is enough on its own. A great design or idea is not fully expressed and communicated if the craftsmanship is poor. Likewise superior crafting of a poor design tends to be empty and unsatisfying. We need both together; it’s simple, but not always so easy.

Additionally, we have thousands of JPEG pictures of various styles and designs that can provide inspiration and creative design ideas. After we decide what and how to do it, we’ll provide you with a more formal proposal.
Coast Iron Works began in 1914 as a blacksmith shop, shoeing horses and fixing fishing boats.

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