The History of Coast Iron Works

Coast Iron Works is one of the oldest businesses in the Greater Long Beach area. We still have one of the original 500 telephone numbers issued in the city! Things sure have changed.

In 1914, Ivor Bell established The Coast Welding Company in San Pedro, California. The company started as a blacksmith shop focused on blacksmithing and fishing boat repair and quickly earned a reputation as the best place in town to have your horse re-shoed or your boat repaired. With the rise of the automobile, the business slowly began to evolve to a full scale welding and metal fabricating operation.

Jack and Bob Bell took over the business when their father retired in the 1940’s, and they continued expand the business, performing an ever-widening variety of welding and metal fabrication. After Bob Bell passed away in 1971, Jack decided it was time to sell the company.

Joe Martinez purchased the company in 1972 and refocused it for the design, fabrication, installation of custom ornamental ironwork for both residential and commercial applications. Joe retained Roger Manatt, one of the older, highly skilled blacksmiths, and so began a relationship that spanned many years – Roger’s work can still be seen all over Southern California today.

In 2012, after forty years of hand-crafting wrought iron concepts, Joe decided to sell the business, which had by now been transformed into a team of designers, fabricators, and installers focused entirely on ornamental wrought iron, statue and fountain restoration.

Ornamental Wrought Iron

Jim Peterson, the owner of a Michigan company with a very similar vision and a blacksmith himself, purchased The Coast Welding Company from Joe, and Coast Iron Works was born. Jim retained all of the talented fabricators and designers, as well as the company’s focus on ornamental wrought iron concepts paired with statue and fountain restoration. The company continues today with a near century-old commitment to excellence through high-quality, creative design, and impeccable craftsmanship.

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234 Broad Avenue
Wilmington, California, 90744

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